About Us

Created during the Covid-19 pandemic, Webert and Natalia Benoit wanted to provide an opportunity for students and teachers to continue to create & achieve their ballroom dancing goals. 

Having competed for many years, we realized that this unique competition experience could benefit us all during the pandemic, but also help students & teachers anytime of year.

VDSS events are perfect for those students who normally cannot afford a traditional dance competition that normally includes travel fees for the teacher, hotels, dinner, dance packages, as well as your avid competitor that wants valuable feedback from judges as a preparation tool for their next traditional in-person competition event.

Our events are inclusive to those that have medical conditions that may prevent them normally from participating in ballroom competitions, or currently can not dance with their partner or teacher do to the pandemic. 

The idea of online dance competitions for ballroom dancers blossomed into not only a new way to participate in ballroom competitions from your own studio, but also a new scoring system was developed with the goal of the Virtual Dancesport Series being an additional tool for students to improve dancing skills through adjudicators’ scores and written comments/feedback .  

​VDSS is by no means a replacement for the traditional dancesport and ballroom competitions we all love, but instead we see VDSS as a distinctive competitive activity with its own style and benefits.