Frequently Asked Questions

Read through our frequently asked questions! 
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Even though your dance entries will be videoed at your studio this is still a dancesport competition where appearance/grooming makes an impression on the judges and the top 3 finalists will have their video aired for the finals. 

We encourage you to look your best. Wearing proper shoes for dancing, wear nice practice dancewear, or your full costume you would wear at a traditional competition. Thought should go into your appearance.

*Note: during the covid 19 pandemic we welcome you to wear protective masks or gloves during your dance entries. This will not affect your scores.

Yes, we have hired a professional music director to cut music specially for each of our dance divisions. Each song is 1 minute in length with time for you to move to your next spot on the dance floor for the next dance. 

By using our music we are able to ensure that everyone is given the exact same time and tempo to dance for our judges. 

We encourage you to use your regular competition material and routines. No special choreography needed for our music. Find Music Here.

Yes, on competition day we will be showing every single participant and announcing our placements &  winners in each division. Anyone can watch online including competitors, studios, family , and friends – all at no charge!

Public comments will be disabled as we feel this is a learning environment  and though we know most comments would be positive, there are always a few that ruin it for everyone. We believe in keeping it classy.

We will be emailing you simple directions and a link for you to upload your videos to our Dropbox account.

You do not need a Dropbox account to send us your videos. Just click on the link we have provided and your videos will be uploaded to a private folder we have provided for your studio. 

No – you will not be judged or scored based on the quality or location of video. All styles and types of videos are accepted. ie: previous competition videos, in-studio rehearsals, at home videos, etc. You will not be judged on costume or presentation and are not required to wear a costume in your video.

We have a secure link to send your videos.

Other options include: Google Drive link, or emailing us the file. If you are emailing us the video, please be sure to change the file name to “The Dancer’s Name/Title/Level”  ( for example: John Doe, Beginner bronze Smooth  age B1) before sending!

You will receive a single number score out of 100 from each judge on your panel, which is combined to determine your overall score and adjudication. Our judges are scoring based on the following guidelines: technique, performance, execution, choreography, musicality, style, and overall expectation for age and genre. Costume and presentation will not be included in the overall scoring in our event.

YES – we do plan to host a live-stream award ceremony for championships events . Also high top students, top teachers and top studios will be announced during the award ceremony and also posted on our website at the designated time/date once competition event has closed.

Space is limited due to set time constraints, each division will accept only the first 12 entries (semi-final). 

If you receive a notice that a division you are trying to enter is full, we are happy to move your registration to a future VDSS event. You do not pay for any events until your entry registration has been accepted.

If there are divisions that are not at full capacity  for the competition or showcase, we will take it under consideration to add additional time towards full divisions and accept additional entries. 

Approximately 10 days before your competition, your studio director will receive a final email including the performance schedule.

Yes – Independent instructors should register as either solo or amateur couple. For Pro-AM, please register under the Professional’s name.

We do not have a limit as to how many solos/entries a particular dancer can compete, however, students can only dance three consecutive category (for example: intermediate bronze, full bronze, beginner silver)

Studio directors and instructors, please call 561-295-8575 or email for our competition fees.

– A front view shot of the dancer is most preferred.

– You may also record from the back of the room and into the mirror.
– If filming at home, please record in landscape mode (not vertical).

Yes, we will be mailing medals to the studio and certificate via email as well one day after the competition is over.

YES! Each event we host is a completely new experience with a brand new set of judging panels. You are guaranteed to not receive the same judge from your previous event, which means you will receive new valuable critiques from a fresh set of eyes!